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Bumps, Bruises & Setbacks
How To Push Forward When Everything is Pushing Back

In this motivational and high-energy presentation, I share the steps to take when trying to survive a difficult season in life and the importance of a good circle of friends, mentors, goal setting, and a positive mental attitude. Sometimes life seems like it just can’t get any worse – and then it does. There are times when setbacks keep coming and the only thing keeping us from giving up is our support system (if we’re lucky enough to have one), our attitude, and whatever strength we can muster.

During this event, attendees will learn the importance of surrounding yourself with a good circle of friends and how sometimes the decisions we make in a split second of time can change our lives forever. Included in this talk is advice about making smart social media decisions, anti-bullying, and most of all, how to push forward when everything is pushing back.

Owning Your Attitude and Choosing Your Path
How Attitude and Quick Decisions Influences Our Outcomes

One of the big factors of anyone’s success is their attitude and their ability to take ownership of their actions. During this seminar, I cover how to keep a positive attitude in times of great stress and challenge. I share about how to deal with people who put you down, and what to do when it seems like life is at a turning point – for good or bad.

Attendees will learn about the power of reading positive books, finding good mentors, making smart social media decisions, and setting measurable goals no matter how large or small.


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